Wednesday, August 24, 2022

  1. Warm Up Questions
    For each of the following statements, which of the four claim testers (intuition, authority, logic, or evidence) would apply?
    1. To determine who is the greatest quarterback of all time, I looked at stats like passing yards and touchdowns.
    2. I say that a hot dog is not a sandwich because it's just not.
    3. The auto mechanic says that my brakes are very worn and I should replace them as soon as possible.
    4. My cat likes his food a little bit soft, so he'll drop some in his water bowl and then scoop them out with his paw.

  2. Finish Claim Testing--Introduction
    Within groups, students will determine which claim tester (intuition, authority, logic, or evidence) goes with each statement

  3. Frames--Introduction
    Watch the video and answer the questions

  4. "Rise of the West" Article Analysis
    Use the Three Close Reads worksheet to read and analyze the article