Tuesday, May 16, 2023

  1. Finish Crash Course: Globalization 1 - The Upside and Globalization 2 - Good or Bad? Videos
    Answer questions

  2. Work on Project X - Final Presentation (Due Tuesday, March 23rd)
    For your final presentation, you will create a 20-slide presentation in the PechaKucha style (refer to the previous Project X.10 assignment for further information). By the due date/time, you must have finished your Google Slide presentation, and recorded/uploaded you voicing over the presentation using one of the attached screen recording links.
    • Make an outline of your script. Don’t worry about writing the whole script out word for word. You can actually do this in the speaker notes section of your deck. Then, use your outline to plan which images you will use in your deck.
    • Insert and resize your images as usual. Large images are best. Purists will tell you that there should be no text on the slides, but a few words is ok (no more than 5 words, except for your prediction slide).
    • Practice your presentation! A good place to start is no more than 60 spoken words per slide (adjust based on how you speak!). We don’t think you’ll be able to do your final recording without practicing.

    The 20 slides should go as follows:
    • 1: Title slide
    • 2: Your prediction (this will have more than 5 words, as it should come across like a thesis statement)
    • 3-18: Charts (minimum 3, but more is better), maps, photographs, timelines, images etc (again, words on the slide to go along with the picture are fine, but no more than 5). Out of those 16 slides, they should be roughly divided equally to address the following questions related to your topic/prediction: What is it now? Where was it before? Where/why is it going by 2100?
    • 19: Works Cited (a bullet point list of links are fine, and if you need to add an additional slide, you may do so)
    • 20: Conclusion/Good Bye

    Reminder, the follow items MUST be turned into Google Classroom by the due date/time:
    • Google Slides presentation
    • Video of the presentation